Creative funeral ideas

Creative funeral ideas

We are mortal beings and death is inevitable. People may come and go but memories last forever. When a person dies, all the closed family members gather for funeral and bid goodbye to their loved ones. This emotional event can be made a little thing to remember by doing it in a creative way so that everyone goes back with a memory of the person who left them. Here are six creative funeral ideas that can be used to give a unique send off to someone special:

1. Every photograph revives many stories

One way of making the funeral creative is by displaying photographs of the deceased person with different family members and friends. This way all the people can look at them and dive into the past memories to relive those beautiful moments. Photographs can be placed in a chronological order in the form of a timeline i.e from childhood to latest ones. If possible, a small description of every photograph should also be placed for visitors to read.

2. A One Last message

Board Another creative funeral idea is to place a message board on which every friend, family member and acquaintance should write a personalized last message for the person who passed away. This is another great way in which people can bid goodbye to their loved one and relive some special moments with them by writing them down. It could even be something that people wanted to say but couldn't. This board can then be placed in the person's room where they lived.

3. Books are a great gift

Books are little packs of knowledge that never get old. People may come and go but a book continues to guide and educate generations. On a funeral, you can gift a book to every visitor and it will be a memento for them to take home. You can give away the books of the person who passed away to the young members of the family of that person. This is a gesture of knowledge being passed on from one generation to another. You can also write a special message on the books such as In memory of etc.

4. Be creative, use colors

Another way of making the funeral creative is by using colorful decorations and beautiful flowers. You can decorate the place with flowers which the deceased person liked. Even welcoming visitors at the entrance with colorful flowers is not a bad idea. People think that funeral should be plain and simple, but some celebrate it as an aspect of life and so flowers can be useful in making it colorful and creative.

5. Story sharing

What's the best thing you remember about your loved one? Are you willing to share it? Close friends and family members should be given an opportunity to share a memory, a funny incident or something they loved about the person who passed away. Stories are the best way to remember our loved ones. This could help in easing up the atmosphere and people can have a laugh, listening to wonderful stories.

6. Release birds

Another creative and satisfying idea is to release birds such as a White Dove on a funeral. A White Dove is a symbol of peace, life, freedom and hope. Children in the family and even adults should free the birds in the memory of their loved one. It is like a tribute to the amazing soul that has departed for its upward journey to the heavens. Life is what you make of it. People have to die one day, it is inevitable. Death is just another aspect of life. Making funerals creative is the best way to celebrate life.

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