Easy ways to personalize a funeral service on a budget

Easy ways to personalize a funeral service on a budget

At a certain point in life it comes to that difficult stage in life when you lose a loved one. When they are taken away from us too soon and unexpectedly. We therefore, most definitely pay our last respects to our beloved ones during the funeral service. We are compelled to providing the best during this stressful, emotional time of our lives. You want a personalized, beautiful send off that best emulates the life of the diseased. But how can you achieve this with financial restraints? Together let us review ways of making this a personalized service that is both memorable and beautiful, at a low cost that will suit your budget.

1. Write a good befitting obituary.

The first step to personalizing a funeral service, is writing a good memorable obituary that best describes and portrays the diseased. Give it a personal touch and don't be afraid to pour out your emotions into it.

2. Base the funeral around a creative theme.

Be creative, and try centralizing the funeral service around a theme that the beloved would have enjoyed. Once you decide on the theme, make sure everything revolves around it.

3. Place special items around the casket.

Look for things that the diseased liked and place them around the casket to bring out the personal touch. If the diseased loved hockey, then put items like hockey sticks, helmets, and jerseys.

4. Play the diseased favorite song a few times.

Playing the diseased favorite song, no matter the genre, will trigger memories of the diseased. Songs are a good way to trigger memory, you should therefore play the song before, during and after the service. This will most definitely bring out the personalized touch without incurring any charges.

5. Have the service at home.

Try having the service at home, this will eliminate the expensive funeral home charges and make it even more personal. At home you can do so much more to personalize the event, like controlling your guest list and placing pictures of the diseased everywhere.

6. Plan it yourself.

Plan everything from the reception, to flower arrangements and funeral program. Let family members and friends help in different ways, further increasing that personal touch and making it special.

7. Research funeral homes.

Funeral homes don't charge the same fees, look for a funeral home that fits well within your budget. Make calls asking about their services and costs until you find the best one for you.

8. Rent a casket.

Funeral homes provide an option of renting rather than purchasing caskets. Caskets are expensive and renting could very well save you the high costs of buying an expensive caskets. Rent a beautiful casket for the service, later on the diseased could be buried with a much more affordable casket.

9. Eliminate the caterer.

Use a potluck reception, it has the family gathering feel and is a good alternative to paying an expensive caterer's bill. Family and friends will gladly contribute simply because they love you and the diseased, plus giving feels better during this emotional time.

10. Use online media for the invitation.

With today's technology you could create a whatsapp group or a facebook page for invitations. This will not only bring a personal feel, but also save you a lot on mailing charges when sending to individuals.

11. You could ask for discounts from vendors and funeral homes.

Many prices, rates and fees are negotiable so don't be afraid of asking, they may even have discounts just for asking. You can never actually know until you simply ask.

12. Finally you could consider cremation.

Depending on you and the diseased religious beliefs, you could consider cremation. Cremation is way cheaper than the traditional method of burial by about 50 percent.

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