Time For A New Coat Of Paint

Time For A Freshen Up

Sometimes we get so focused on our business and helping people that we don't stop to look how we are seen by the people that are most important. Our Customers. 

That is why we have decided to completely repaint our building. We are going to give it a fresh new look both inside and out. We want to make sure that when you come in to entrust us with your loved one's final requests that we are making you feel as comfortable and at home as possible. We recognize that we haven't done that with the current status of our building. 

We want to send special thanks to the painting contractors we used pnpainting.com, for the great job they are doing. 

We hope that the next time we see you, you will appreciate the time and effort we put into making sure that you have the best experience possible during these difficult times. 

About The Author

Rachel Joyner

Rachel lives in San Diedo, CA with her husband of 20 years. She is a businesswoman that managing multiple small business and always find ways to spend time with her kids.

About The Author